Monday, 27 June 2005

The next big thing in mens fashion?

Well I don't think so - no male friend of mine would ever wear this!


Sunday, 26 June 2005

p.s. The fish are still alive!

just in case anyone is interested

Randwick Races - How to back a winner

I'm not much of a gambler, too much Scottish miser blood in me. A day at the races is more about the dressing up, champagne and people-watching for me than anything else. Went up to Randwick on Saturday with Jess, Brian and a few of Brians friends. I came out pretty much evens for the day - but I guess at $2 a bet - I was never going to lose much!

While sipping my champagne I did observe the behavior of some of the more adventurous gamblers. Some observations:

1. The favorite never or rarely wins: go for the underdog - pays better too.
2. Act like a winner - be a winner: Margaret backs the outsider at 25:1, and watches him take the race while sipping a glass of $25 a glass Moet.
3. Follow your allegiances: Got a hot tip at the food bar - go for the horse in the next race with the Armenian name and Armenian trainer - sure to be a winner!
4. Colours, names, numbers, inklings and divine inspiration are as valid a method for picking a winner than any other. Jess swears by the number 2.

Alison and Jess @ the races
Jess and I

Jess Dave, Sean, Jen @ the races
Jess, Dave, Sean and Jen

Friday, 24 June 2005

Everything is gonna be okay, I take a breath, slow down and say....

Prayer for Grace - Michael Franti

Why must I feel like this today
I'm a soldier but afraid sometimes
To face the things that may
Block the sun from shinin' rays
And fill my life with shades of grey
But still I long to find a way
So today I pray for grace

I take a moment to myself
So I can myself
To feel myself
And be real myself
Life's addictions and afflictions
Cause abrasions from their friction
Sometimes, it's easier to live in fiction
I can run, but I can't hide
From the pains that
Reside deep down inside
There is no pill
That can be swallowed
There is no guru
That can be followed
There's no escapin'
From my own history
Those that I hurt,
And those that hurt me
I was dead for a million years
'Fore I was born and
I'll be dead for a million more
After I'm gone
So I live, to give somethin'
That can live on
Like the way you hum a song when the music's gone
Like the warmth on the sand
When the sun goes down
And I'm sittin' with myself
Nobody else is around but,


Been a long, long time
Since I been away
Been a long, long time
Since I felt this way
Been a long, long time
I found the words to say
How much I'm grateful
For my life today
'Cause under every cup
You might find a nut
Behind every corner
You might get jacked up
At the end of every rainbow,
You might find gold
The last bite of your sandwich,
Hope you don't find mould
'Cause none of us
Can live the perfect life
The kind that we see on nick at night
And sometimes, we all
Just lose sight
Of the pain that will guide us
From dark into the light
We fall down yes, but we get up,
And sometimes we just need
A little bit of love
To help make it
Through another day
Into the night, into the light,
Into a Saturday
So in the morning when I'm waitin'
For the sun to raise
And my head's a little foggy
Like I'm in a haze
I remind myself that
Everything is gonna be okay
I take a breath, slow down and say....



Tuesday, 21 June 2005

4 Canaries

I think I should rename my blog the FISH diaries...heres the next installment...

Bought 4 of the cheapest hardiest fish in the shop to act as canaries in my newly cleaned, filled and aged tank. They are tiny and yellow (like a canary) with little black dots on their tails. I think I will call them canary 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Of concern, I have noticed a white algea or fungus or something on the heater and suction caps!? Can't seem to find anything on the internet to tell me what it is - any ideas?

p.s. it is bloody hard to take photos of live fish!


Sunday, 19 June 2005

Covered in red dust

Last Friday I spent a night with the boy on board the Iron Chieftain. The Cheiftain carries coal to Whyalla and Iron Ore back up to the steel works in Port Kembla.

I had the grand tour of the ship and watched the iron ore falling onto the belts to be discharged. You can see the ore glistening in the air and everything is covered in a layer of red dust including us.

Living on board a ship is very comfortable, Brent has his own cabin, about the size of a small hotel room with his own bathroom, desk, lounge and bed. There is a lounge, bar, gym, pool and formal and informal dining rooms. The chef, Barb, prepared roast rack of lamb with orange glaze for dinner, they certainly don't go without!

Brent works the 4-8 shift. I spent the time watching DVD's in his cabin, and he spent the time in the tunnel helping with the discharge. I slept straight through his morning shift!

Felt like a total tourist but here are some photos I snapped while (hopefully) no one was watching...

In the Life Boat
Covered in Iron Ore
The Anchor Chain

Unloading the Ore


Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Lucky Steve Is Dead

I like to think he has gone to the big fishtank in the sky.


Monday, 13 June 2005

I'm a fish murderer

Since my last post there has been a masacre at my place. Just 2 hours after being released into their new home, my first tiger bard went into convulsive death throws before settling lifeless on the gravel. Another 2 didn't last the night.

Distraught I took the carnage up to the aquarium shop and after some water analysis the guy tells me that I probably got contaminated water out of the tap. Apparently the water board puts chemicals down the pipes every three months to clean them, and I was unlucky enough to choose the wrong day to fill my tank. Little comfort when I have three dead fish - but at least it is not really my fault.

Luckily I still have one (rather stressed) fish left. Stevie, the only one I had already given a name, what a champion! From now on I will call him Lucky and hopefully he will live to welcome some new fish next weekend after I have changed the water.


Saturday, 11 June 2005


I realised when I was up in Brissie with the menagerie of animals at Jaime and Kelly's that what I was missing in my life was a pet.

Living in a unit means that my choice of pet is rather limited, so by process of elimination - fish it is.

I set up my little tropical fish tank last weekend and this morning I bought:
  • male and a female swordtails

  • 2 Tiger Barbs

They seem to be settling in nicely to their new home. I fed them just then and they tucked in ok - although the little barbs seem to be fussy eaters, sucking in the food then spiting it out.

I think I will name the boy swordtail Stevie...any other suggestions?


Going down the Chambermaid

Packed with public servants in the cheap end of town, the busiest part of the day coinciding with core flex hours. We used to affectionally call it the Dingo or the Lindy but minus the worn carpet, green tiles and the butch lady bartenders, the Chamberlain is now known as the Chambermaid. The workplace local has gone the way of most of the city pubs, "mutton dressed as lamb" is the phrase that comes to mind.

Regardless, we keep going back. Back for one more bottle of chardy, and another bowl of wedges served up by Stavros with the usual wink and a "welcome back ladies!"


Saturday, 4 June 2005


I have a newly formed fascination with birds. Does this mean I am getting old?

This big boy posed for me on my balcony as I was cooking my oats. I think he was the same bird who woke me up earlier that morning with his screaching.


Friday, 3 June 2005

My Mother - The Artist

My mum graduated with a certificate IV in fine arts last night. I'm such a proud daughter!

She is going on to do the diploma but after all the work she has done she deserves this milestone.

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