Friday, 21 September 2001

More Photos


Saturday, 8 September 2001

Sue has started putting up some pictures from Scotland and Paris

Anyone interested in seeing where I am living I am off Crumlin Rd on map E on this site

This morning on the bus I saw a man on a horse and cart going down the road - wouldn't see that in Sydney!


Tuesday, 4 September 2001

Time to update you all on my new life here in Dublin. Sue has gone, I have my own bedroom (so does Karen, so that leaves only the rent payers in 14 Warrington! THANKS HEAPS GUYS! ) and I have a job.

Sue went home today which is very sad. I could not have asked for a better travel companion and I will miss her heaps. I have no one to be silly with anymore!

The House

I moved into my new room on Mourne Rd Drimnagh Dublin 12 - not a very happy address but so far it seems like a happy household. I have the biggest room in the 4 bedroom terrace house. It is a great room complete with bed, wardrobe, dressing table and a kitchenette! I have a nice view of the garden and the many cats that frequent it. I made friends with one of the cats yesterday, a friendly grey one that took a liking to me (naturally!) The human inhabitants are really nice too - there is Kerry from Adelaide, Sonya from Melbourne and Teresa from Spain.

I must admit my first night in a room on my own after about 4 months was a little wierd and I have slept better. I spoilt myself yesterday yesterday and bought myself a bath towel after 4 months of using a travel towel - luxury!

I will send an email out with my new contact details. If you don't get it and want it let me know. I can't ring out from the phone but I can recieve calls.

The Job

Started as a general assistant in the press office for the "eircom Dublin Theatre Festival" today. It is a fantastic oppurtunity that I have a friend of Karen's, Kelly to thank for. I am employed by the festival but actually physically working at the office of Garry Lundburg PR. Gerry is a really well known agency covering big acts like Riverdance, a great oppourtunity to see how real life PR agencies work after my experience with Rover PR.

I am getting paid basic admin wage but I will get a theatre pass for the festival and will have to work at all the opening nights! I am planning on living on canapes and free champagne for the duration of the festival which runs the first 2 weeks of October. I am basically just an extra body to help man the phones, arrange interviews with directors/actors, collect and collate clippings, post press coverage on the official website and anything else that needs doing. I spent today familiarising myself with the programme and it looks fantastic, can't wait.


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