Sunday, 30 October 2005

Girls girls girls!

10 years have passed since I left Cheltenham Girls High School and last Saturday night about half of my year met up for a school reunion at Bar 333.

I was quite nervous about going, worried no one would recognise me, concerned about finding the right outfit that made me look hawt as well as portrayed the Alison of 2005. I am the girl that very nearly missed her year 12 formal as I thought I would not be able to find a dress after all!

But after all the stressing (and shopping) I had a great night. It was quite an adrenaline rush as I recognised faces and they, after some prompting, recognised me. I heard stories of travel, careers, babies, partners, husbands, ex-husbands, businesses. Under the new found sophistication people really hadn't changed much, although how much can you really learn about a person in a noisy pub, only really scratched the surface.

Photos are here.

Saturday, 22 October 2005

One off handed comment and look what happens...

I quite like it!


Thursday, 20 October 2005

Desperate housewives hit the highway

Jess and Andrew organised another fantastic fushmush car rally last weekend. This year we ended up in Kiama after snaking our way through Sydneys southern suburbs, Austinmere, Shellhaven and Jambaroo. We managed not to get lost at all, thanks mostly to Michelles astounding map reading skills - and who said girls can't read maps!

After setting the a costume precedent last year , the pressure was on to think of a good team theme. With the boys opting for an all boys team (well cant really blame them for choosing the WRX option!) the girls this year went as the desperate housewives. We each scoured op shops for the perfect housewife outfit, complete with curlers, feather dusters and rolling pins...

Setting off

More photos, in costume and out, here

Sunday, 16 October 2005

After a series of health problems...

...Lucky Steve II died some time over the weekend. May he rest in peace in the big fishtank in the sky.


Sunday, 9 October 2005

To be thankfull for

Thank you for good food, good wine, good health, good fortune and most of all, good friends.

It is Canandian Thanksgiving today. What a great holiday, a holiday to give thanks for all the good things. I have been a bit negative of late but tonight lifted my spirits (hmm, damn you red wine of truth!).

Celebrations at the Campbell residence...





Saturday, 8 October 2005

Camping and Kangaroos at Caves Beach, Jervis Bay

Spent the long weekend camping at Caves Beach Jervis Bay. It is a beautiful grassy campsite with resident kangaroos and a short walk in so you really feel like you are away from it all. We braved a snorkle in the 16 degree water, but mostly I did a whole lot of nothing.

The locals
The locals

The locals 2

The boys
The boys

Patto catches the frisbee
Patto catches the disc


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