Tuesday, 30 August 2005

I'm back

Had a fantastic time in Malaysia. Amongst other things, we went up a big mountain, walked in the treetops, saw the men of the forest, searched for the big nosed monkeys, swam with the fishies, did lots of shopping and ate our own body weight in noodles and rice!

Photos and more details later.

P.S. All the fish are still alive but Stevie looks a bit sick - I think he must have missed me.


Saturday, 20 August 2005

I'm in Malaysia!

Arrived in Sabah yesterday to a wonderful 30 degree sunny day. After curing our jetlag with this:

Yin & Yang - 110 mins
Him : Aromatherapy Reflex Footbath ~ Lavender
Body Wash ~ Coffee Scrub ~ Herbal Steam, Jacuzzi and relax time with champagne
& strawberries ~ Balinese Massage or Warm stone Massage
Her : Aromatherapy Floral Footbath ~ Lavender Body Wash ~ Javanese Lulur ~
Herbal Steam, Jacuzzi and relax time with champagne and strawberries ~ Balinese
Massage or Warm Stone Massage.

we headexd into town for some serious handbag shopping and noodle eating! The hotel is fantastic with our room overlooking the water and the offshore islands.

More news and photos later - I have an appointment by the pool with a cocktail.


Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Sing it from the rooftops

Brent passed his orals!


Monday, 15 August 2005

Birthday Season Part II - Belly Dancing

While not technically my birthday for another week or so, in typical Leo style, I have declared a full 11 days of festivities this year, my birthday fortnight! On friday night, Brent and I celebrated a cumulative 56 years at Erciyes Turkish Resturant in Surry Hills.

We feasted on dips, salads, pide and grilled meat while watching 3 bellydancers, including the freaky resident male bellydancer (!). As the birthday boy and girl it is apparently mandatory that we get up and shake our bellys with the resident dancers.

Thanks everyone for coming and for the lovely gifts. (Photos)

Brent Bellydances!


Sunday, 14 August 2005

Birthday Season Part I - Coming of Age

August is birthday season for my family. First up we have my Dad and Brother on the 13th, followed with Mum and I on the 23rd. We celebrated the boys birthdays last night at Il Vicolos in Top Ryde. The celebration was extra special as my baby brother turned 18.

In 1987, Bob Hawke was elected for a 3rd term, Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka executes a bloodless coup on the island of Fiji and a little boy was born with blue eyes and golden curls who looked just like his Dad and big brother when they were born. And now my little angelic baby bro is 18. I can think of a few occasions when it was touch as go though - lucky he has always known how to work the cuteness factor - a typical youngest child.

Happy Birthday P! (and Dad!)

The Family circa 2005


Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Warning...this post is a bit x rated

From "You and Your Aquarium" by Dick Mills...

"In some species, the anal fin has become modified as a spawning aid. In male livebearers (swordtails, guppys), the anal fin has developed into a rod-like tube that enables the sperm to be directed at the females vent during spawning."

So according to this, it appears that Lucky Steve has ... ehem ... a rather large member! The only fair thing was to buy him a lady swordtail so that he could use what god gave him and make more well proportioned swordtails. So yesterday we bought Leela. They seem to have made friends ok but haven't witnessed any fish porn as yet - maybe they are just dating and Leela is not that kinda fish. I guess we will see in approximatly 28 days.


Jess & Patto are back

After 2 years in the UK Jess and Patto are finally back in Sydney. To celebrate (and for Jess and Alex's birthdays) we all headed down to the farm for a barbie.

Dave's farm is on the road to Belmore Falls in the southern highlands. After a huge meal (Dave defrosting enough sausages to feed a small army!), beer, wine and a roudy game of Cranium we all headed to bed before pumpkin hour. A far cry from the crazy nights of old down at the farm.

The next morning the boys took off for a mountain bike, the girls for a walk round Kangaroo Valley (support crew). We also checked out Belmore Falls...photos are here.

Saturday, 6 August 2005

Cheese and Chocolate

Hannah and Angus hosted a fondue night a few weekends ago. We started with cheese fondue laden with Jarlsburg and Kirch and followed up with chocolate fondue with fruit, marshmallows and biscotti. The chocolate was definatly the hit of the evening, Katie gives Hannah a lesson in melting chocolate...

Making the fondue

...and they thought no one was watching...

Eating the fondue

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