Thursday, 26 October 2006

Not for the squeamish

Ever wanted to perform major orthopedic surgery but just didn't know how? Well your in luck, courtesy of the wonderful world wide web: interactive hip and knee replacement tutorials!

(Strangely, as I type this post, the surgeons on RPA are also performing a hip replacement. Anyone need one done? I'm an expert now!)


Saturday, 14 October 2006

Still alive

Hmm, its been a while before posts. Been busy busy over the last 6 weeks and to top it off had some technical difficulties with my laptop. So I am writting this from my sexy new laptop, installing all my toys to bring you a proper update.

To paraphrase... booked our wedding venue - 29th of September next year... mini break at 7 mile beach... medical dramas, but everything is ok now... new fish, dead fish... Cat and Dan's wedding... boot camp and the bridezilla diet... lots of other stuff.

And now I am going to do my tax - argh.


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