Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Weddings - Part 3

Congratulations Annaliese and John who were married on the weekend at St Lukes Church followed by a reception at Oatlands. It was a wonderful day and everyone looked fantastic, especially Anna.

After a relatively short and stressful leadup, both Anna and John looked so relieved when it was all over. I am sure they are even more relaxed now as they sit on a beach in Fiji!

Photos Here


Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Not Another Chicken Night!

You would be forgiven for thinking all I ever do is go to weddings and hens nights! They are coming to an end though - I promise.

Anna and John are the last for the wedding season (well for my friends, we haven't even started on Brents friends yet!). While the boys went lawn bowling (complete with John in a dress) the girls had dinner and dancing at Tharen Restuarant in Kings Cross.

Tharens is set up to cater for hens nights and other big parties, with set menus followed by retro music, dancing and hats on the wall so everyone can dress up.

Dinner was delicious - a surprise for a group resturant! I wish I could have fit more of the blueberry creme brulee in after the first 2 courses - YUM! Everyone got into the dancing after dinner with the tables being pushed back.

This photo shows Anna in the traditional hand me down veil. Each hen has to take the veil home and add something too it for the next to get married. Hannah added the flower and Elise some gum leaves.

More photos


Thursday, 14 April 2005

WTF! A warning to Mirage owners

The headlights from my car were stolen on Sunday night. Nothing else was taken and the bonnet was undamaged. How strange and annoying!

The plot thickens though, my old flatmates Mirage and another Mirage parked on the street had the same thing happen last year. Apparently the police caught the guys too. But it seems the market for 2nd hand Mirage headlights is so lucrutive that they are back their old tricks.



Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Sue Lin and Jasons Wedding

Last weekend we headed to the hunter valley for a weekend of good wine, good food, good company, and most importantly Sue and Jasons wedding.

I was so excited about this weekend after all the preparation that has gone into it - many a "what do you reckon about red flowers?" email, shoes and dresses trialed and paper crane placeholder made - the day finally arrived. And after all that lead up the actual event was still full of surprises for me. Sneaky Sue! :)

Everything went off without a hitch with perfect blue sky weather and Sue looking absolutely stunning in her vintage style dress and singapore orchids in her hair and J also scubbing up nicely in tails and shiny shoes.

The day was so good and so filled with memorable moments but my favourite bits were:

  • Watching girly videos with the girls while having our hair and makeup done. Being a bridesmaid is fun! Thanks Sue for asking me.
  • The beautiful location at Holman estate overlooking the vineyards
  • J and Hell performing Ben Harpers Beloved One followed a surprise song written by J for Sue bringing a tear to more than just Sue's eye!
  • Paella! and the delicious wine and the rest of the meal at Rothbury Estate- all delicious!
  • Dancing to Loonatic Fringe, the band (you guys rock!). Not to forget the 500 Miles sing off - boys against girls
  • The recovery BBQ - perfect end to a perfect weekend.

More Photos


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