Sunday, 26 February 2006

More baby photos

Aidan has grown so much in the last 6 weeks - he is already only a meter short of his mum. I was very lucky to see a smile too - he thinks kisses are hilarious!

6weeks 006

6weeks 002

6weeks 009


Thursday, 2 February 2006

Observations of the Inner West

The retired Italian man is a territorial creature, most often seen pacing their immaculate front gardens (guarding their tomatoes perhaps...) and wearing white chesty bonds singlets (not the cool eastern suburbs type though) teamed with suit pants (so they are ready just in case they have to go out).


What is it? Kong He Fat Cow or somethin?

With Australia day so close to Chinese New Year this year, we doubled up the celebrations with an aussie chinese experience at Chans Paradise (the name says it all!). There is something comforting about boneless lemon chicken, fried rice and prawn toast with a big bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce - you can't call yourself a true Australian till you have had the road trip country chinese meal!

Chans Paradise was delicious and fueled by a more than adequate supply of wine and topped off by the requisite fried icecream we all had a fantastic Chinese New Year.

Kong Xi Fat Choi!

Aussie chinese spring rolls

More Photos...


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