Friday, 19 May 2006

8% down

This is cool (thanks John)

A map of the countries I have been to -

visited 20 countries (8%)

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


Thursday, 18 May 2006

Happy Birthday Sue

We celebrated Sues 28th birthday at Woolwich Pier Hotel on Saturday. It was an unseasonably summery day, perfect for a ferry ride and a few glasses of bubbly in our private bungalow.

There are photos here and here and here.

Happy Birthday chicky babe!

Happy Birthday Sue


Thursday, 11 May 2006

To all the fish i've loved before

My fishtank is currently having a little rest. After a bloom of evil black algae my last little swordtail, Leela blew her last bubble and went to the big fishtank in the sky.

It's on to bigger and better things though. I am planning some major renovations - nice clean algae free water, new river sand, tropical garden, a new backdrop and some brand new (healthy) fish!

Until then though, heres to all the fish...

CanariesLucky Steve 2Fluffy and SteveFishtank


Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Possums, but no koalas

In the short break between ships, Brent and I headed up to Port Stephens for a dirty weekend at the Wanderers Retreat. We stayed in one of the treehouses, set amongst the treetops and complete with a spa bath and a not so luxurious (but surprisingly unsmelly) composting toilet. It feels like there is no one else for miles waking up and seeing nothing but trees around you. There are meant to be koalas in the trees, but all we saw were some naughty cheese eating possums and some mystery animal digging around in the the bushes that eluded our torchlight.

Saturday we hired a boat and went fishing (I managed to catch 7 fish, all to little to eat, but still a victory over Brents 1 fish) and walked up Tomaree head for a look at the view. We tried to get into a sand dunes tour on Sunday but everything was booked out so we did the next best thing and went tobogganing! We also did lots of beach walking, laying about, and eating, but that goes without saying I guess. As

Drinks on our balcony in the trees
Sitting on our balcony in the trees



Spirit of Tasmania III

Brent started 2 weeks ago as 3rd mate on the Spirit of Tassie. On the upside, no more iron ore; 4 week swings; free trips to tassie; no more hanging out in port kembla; and to top it off, a pay rise! On the downside...can't think of one right now.

I visited last weekend and took this photo as they cruised into Darling Harbour, if you look really (really) hard you can see Brent on the bow.


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