Saturday, 18 March 2006

Fraps 30th

Damian turned 30 last Saturday and celebrated at the Red Lion hotel in Rozelle. It was a triply good day for the following reasons:
  1. Damian had a fantastic day topped off by 2 of his best mates flying all the way from London
  2. Bumped into another my mate Neal who was celebrating his bucks night at the same bar.
  3. An unexpected surprise visit from the boy. Brent finished the discharge early and got to come up to Sydney for the night.

Lots of drinking and antics - was a great day - Happy Birthday Frapples.

Damians Harem

More drunken photos here.



Went into town last night for a few pints and I would just like to say, Leprechauns smell like BO!


My chili plant has red chilies!!!

Chillis 022

See, I CAN do this gardening thing.


Friday, 17 March 2006

Wedding Season 2006 - Kate's hens night

It has begun again, although this year is not as crazy as the last (has one year really gone by!). Next weekend is Kate and Alex's wedding and we all went out for Kates hens night 2 Saturdays ago in Nth Sydney.

After a few drinks at the Commodore Hotel we headed up to the Firehouse hotel for some food and more drinking. Kate was given a task list to complete, tasks including classy acts such as flashing a bar tender and going to the mens toilets - she completed many more of the assigned tasks than anyone expected!

unfortunately I didn't manage to get to many photos of Kate in her stunning lime green vale but I like this one of Hannah, Jess and I in tiaras...

Tiara girls

More photos here.


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